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9:30 AM

LOCATION:  Levelland, TX (Hockley Co.).  From Intersection 114 and 385, east 2 miles

on 114, then north 2 1/2 miles on County Road.  Watch for auction signs.







1-2011 JD 8260R MFWD IVT Tractor, Cab, Air, Heat, Wts., Long Axle, JD Axle Duals, 4 Hyds., 2255 Hours

SN# RW8260RHBDO43391……NICE


1-2010 JD 8245 R MFWD Tractor, Cab, Air, Heat, Wts., Long Axles, JD Axle Duals, 4 Hyds., 5047 Hours,

SN# RW8245R002411…..CLEAN


1-2002 JD 8120 MFWD Tractor, Cab, Air, Heat, 3 Hyds., Independent Link Suspension, Long Axles, Wts., Green Star Ready, 10,050 Hours, SN# ROHH8SF007107                                       


1-1989 JD 4955 Tractor w/Koyker 645 Front End Loader , Bucket, Jelly Stick, 3 Hyds., Rear Wheel Wts., 380/20R 50 Rear Rubber (Like New), 8000 Actual Hours, SN# RW4955POO2810....EXCELLENT CONDITION


1-4 Row JD 484 Yellow Cab Stripper , w/Broad Cast Header


1-CMC Module Builder w/Cab


1-Taylor Module Builder, Cab w/Engines


1-Big 12 Module Builder, Cab, Caddell Auto Packer


1-Bush Hog Module Builder, Cab, Caddell Auto Packer


1-Crustbuster Boll Buggy w/Chain Lip, Swing Tongue


1-SS Boll Buggy w/Vet., Swing Tongue


1-SS Boll Buggy (Green), Single Big Wheel


1-Crustbuster Boll Buggy, Holding Vein, Tandem Axle w/Swing Tongue


1-Crustbuster Boll Buggy, 2 Drums, Chain Lip, Suction Fan, Swing Tongue


1-KBH Boll Buggy, Tandem Axle, 2 Dump


1 Set - 18.42 Axle Duals w/Hubs


2-JD GPS 2600 Screens w/ITC Receiver

Five Greenstar GPS ITC Receivers.  Only Activations is SF1 on all of them.



PIVOT….To Be Sold at sale site

1-5 Tower T & L Pivot, 800 Ft, Long 160 Ft. Spans




1-GMC Grain Truck w/Factory Bed with Hyd. Lift



1-KD Forklift, Diesel Engine, Big Tire....BIG ONE


1-2001 Ford F 250 Pickup, 3 Wheel Drive, 7.3 Diesel Engine w/CM Flat Bed

1-1995 GMC Pick Up, Z-71, Short Bed


1-Ficklen 231 Gravity Flow Wagon w/Honda Engine



2-8 Row 1700 Max Emerge XP Planters, Trash Disk on Front, Press Wheels, Drags, Insecticide Boxes w/Monitors




24-Planter Attachments.  Trash Whoppers and Fertilizer Tubes



1-JD 8200 Wheat Drill, Single Disc


1-27 Ft. Tye Wheat Drill, 3 pt.

1-8 Row Tye Wheat Drill, Press Wheels, 3 pt.


1-28 Ft. RAC Triple 4 x 4 Bar Springtooth w/Incorp Dual, GW, 3 pt....LIKE NEW


1-30 Ft. Kent Springtooth                   

1-28 Ft. Kent Springtooth


1-25 Row, 30" Rows, RAC 4 x 7 Front Bar, 4 x 4 Rear Bar, Folding Bar, RAC Chisel Shanks, Hienco Rear Coulters, 3 Sets-Front GW....LIKE NEW



1-9 Shank Double 4 x 4 Tool Bar Chisel Plow, 3 pt.....LIKE NEW


1-Bigham Brothers Strip Till




1-9 Row JD Lister on 4 x 7 Bar, JD Beams, 2 Sets-GW, Coulters, Markers, 3 pt.


1-8 Row RAC 4 x 7 Front Bar, 4 x 4 Rear Bar, Big Disc Lister, GW, 3 pt...LIKE NEW


2-JD Listers, 4 x 7 Bar, JD Beams, GW

1-42 Ft. Casefield Cultivator, Folding


1-7 Shank RAC on Triple 4 x 4 Tool Bar Ripper Plow, 3 pt...LIKE NEW


2-18 Ft. RAC Triple 4 x 4 Tool Bar w/Hitch Only


1-8 Row RAC Double 4 x 4 Tool Bar, 1 x 3 Shanks, GW


1-17 Row SS Double Fold Sandfighter on 5 x 7 Bar, 3 pt....LIKE NEW


1-17 Row Sandfighter, Flat Fold (Green).....LIKE NEW


1-30 Ft. JD #650 Tandem Disc, 24" Disc....NEARLY NEW DISC


1-14 Ft. JD #215 Disc....GOOD


1-8 Row SS Double Cut Stalk Cutter, 6 Blades on Front, 8 Blades on Back Units, 4 x 4 Rear Bar...USED VERY LITTLE


1-8 Row SS Double Cut Stalk Cutter, 6 Blades on Front, 8 Blades on Rear, 4 x 4 Rear Bar.....GOOD


1-10 Row Stalk Cutter, 3 pt.

2-10 Row JD #400 Rotary Hoes


1-8 Row Balzer Flail Shredder, 3 pt.


1-4 Row JD 1428 Shredder, 3 pt.


1-4 Row Rhino Shredder, Drag

1-4 Row Rhino TW168 Shredder (Needs some repair)


1-New Holand #358 Grinder and Mixer


1-SS Hyd. Lift, 3 pt.

1-6 ½ Yard Evermans Carry All Dirt Mover


1-10 Wheel New Holland H5980 Hay Rack (NEW).  27 Shank RAC Triple 4 x 4 Tool Bar, Top Mask, GW w/Incorp                                               


2-Hay Bale Accumulators….NEW


1-Square Bale Grappler (Handler)



1-14 Ft. Total Performance Pig Trailer, Tandem Axles, Inside Divider, Unloading Ramp, New LED Lights Inside and Out, Has Slides to Enclosed Sider Steel Trailer ... NICE




1-20 Ft. Gooseneck Stock Trailer, Metal Top, Tandem Axles


1- 6 x 20 Gooseneck Trailer, Center Gate, Covered Top, Good Floor & Tires


1-Gooseneck Flatbed Trailer


1-3 Axle Flatbed Trailer, Bumper Pull

1-16 Ft. Utility Trailer, Triple Axles, Ramps


1-16 Ft. Utility Trailer, Tandem Axles

1-10 Ft. Heavy Duty Utility Trailer, Single Axle


1-45 Ft. Semi-Flat w/2-1,6000 Gallon Tanks, Cradles for Hauling Sprayer, Honda 55 HP Banjo Pump, 30 Gallon Mixing Vat.  Will Haul 2 Shuttles and Sprayers.


1-20 Row Wylie Spray Boom, Folding, 3 pt.


1-16 Row Wylie Spray Boom, Hyd. Folding w/300 Gallon Tank w/ ACE Hyd. Pump, Controls, 3 pt.


1-8 Row Wylie Spray Boom, Folding w/300 Gallon Low Profile Tank w/ ACE Hyd., Pump, Controls, 3 pt.....



2-80 Ft. Red Ball #655 Folding Spray Boom, 3 pt.


1-1,000 Gallon Diesel Tank on Trailer Chassis w/12 Volt Pump


1-500 Gallon Diesel Tank, Tandem Axle, Pump


1-25 HP Electric Air Compressor, Gardner-Denver


2-Pull Bar Extensions

1 Set - Front Fenders for 20 Series Tractors

1-Small Lot - Woodworking Shop Equipment

1 Small Lot - Sweeps, Busters, etc.

1 Lot - Busters #346....NEARLY NEW

1 Lot - Disk Coulters


2-JD Quick Hitches

1-Scout Guiding Hitch


This sale is not a large one, but is very high in QUALITY !!

For Consignments Call:

Charlie (806) 893-7151