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9:00 AM



LOCATION:  Sale Site is located west of Flower Grove Coop Gin Yard (Martin Co.)  From LAMESA south 8 miles on US 87, 11.3 miles on FM 26 South or from BIG SPRING north 23.6 miles on US 87, west for 7 miles on FM 2002 to sale site.  Or from MIDLAND 8 miles east on I-20, Exit 156, north on TX 137 for 29 miles, east 5 miles to sale site on FM 2002.


Equipment from the estates of A.D. Reed, Bill Hatchett, Jimmy De Los Santos

Operation Changes Involving Clay Thixton, Mark Mays,

Billy Reed,  Terry Adcock, Clint Flandermeyer

Retirement of Benny Foster and Alvin Harris


Nix Implement Co., Inc.

(806) 872-2666


1.  This will be a very large auction with plenty of quality and unique used equipment.

Come ready to find what you've been looking for.  NO Consignments will be accepted.

2.  The Auction will start at 9:00 a.m.  We will run TWO auction lines most of the day.

Bring a FRIEND so you won't miss anything.

3. Free Loading will be available on Monday, January 22 and Tuesday, January 23." Loading

Can be arranged for a fee after the 23rd by calling:  Nix Implement (806) 872-2666.

4.  All Equipment and parts must be removed within 30 days. Any equipment left after

30 days will be moved and the owner will be charged moving fees and storage"


1- 2014 JD 7230R MFWD Tractor, serial no.: 797106, 1227 Hrs., QH, Quad Outlets, QH, 480/85R38


1- 2016 JD 8245R MFWD Tractor, serial no.: 103217, 1129 Hrs., QH, Quad Outlets, Quad Outlets, 480/80R50, Duals, Power Train Warrant till 7/18 or 2000 hrs.


1- 2005 JD 8320 MFWD Tractor, serial no.: P033501, 22 Front Weights,

420/90R30, 480/80R46, HD inside rear weights, Quad Outlets, QH,

Steering Valve, JD Active Seat, Buddy Seat, Hours: Showing 8871 Hrs.


1- 2005 JD 8320 MFWD Tractor, serial no.: P08099, 380/80R34,

480/80R46, Duals, Weights, QH, Triple Outlets, Showing 0664 Hrs.


1-2003 JD 8120 MFWD Tractor, Serial No:  PO11033, 280/85R34,

Fenders, 12 Front Weights, 300 Gallon Tank w/Hyd. Pump, 18.4R46,

Spacers, Duals, Rear Weights, QH, Triple Outlets, Showing 8568 hours



1-2001 Case IH MX120 Tractor, MFWD, 2861 hrs., 350R90/54, QH, Dual Outlets, LH Reverser, Shedded, Excellent


1-1995 JD 6400 MFWD Tractor, serial no.: V145546, Loader w/bucket & hay forks, Mudder, Excellent Tires, Good


1- 1993 JD 4560 MFWD Tractor, Serial No.: P003388, Approx 8000 Hrs., PS, 18.4R42 70%, Duals, Rear Weights, 380/85R30 80%, Fenders, 20 Front Weights, JD QH, Triple Outlets


1-1992 JD 4960 Tractor MFWD, serial no.: P001714, triple outlets, QH, 520/85R42, Hours Showing 8175


1- 1989 JD 4755 Tractor, 2WD, Serial No.: RW4755H001158, QR,

480/80R42, 17 Front Weights, Showing 5245 hours


1- 1984 JD 4650 MFWD Tractor, serial no.: P007210, 20.8x38,

triple outlets, QH, inside weights, duals, 300-gal Wylie Front Tank

w/14 weights, 18.4x26, Engine OH and clutch replacement several years ago,


1- 1979 JD 4440 Tractor w/JD 158 Loader, Serial No.: PO213301,

2946 Hrs Showing, QR, 20.8x38 90%, Rear Weights, Long Axles,

11x16 80%, Dual Outlets, JD QH, Straight & Nice, Hours Showing 588


1- 1979 JD 4440 Tractor, Serial No.: P0213301 Powershift,

Showing 588 hours


1- 1977 JD 4630 Tractor w/JD Front 9’ Dozier Blade, Serial No.: 028789R, PS, 20.8x38 60%, Rear Weights, Long Axles, 14L16.1 75%, Dual Outlets, JD QH, Showing 1235 hours


1- 1961 JD 3010 LP Tractor, Serial no.: T8267, WFE, 3pt, Outlet, Fenders


1- Kubota L2350 Tractor w/ BH 2246 QT Loader, MFWD, Rollguard,

Serial no.: 1723, Hours Showing 146,  Very Nice


1- JD 480/80R46 Duals to fit 20 series JD Tractor

1- Front Duals w/40” Spacers, 420/85R30 Tires 70%, Came off 20

series Deere

1- 20.8x38 Duals w/Hubs & Spacers

1- Ag Leader Paradyme Guidance System w/Versa Monitor

1-JD Star Fire Guidance System w/Big Screen Monitor (Came Off 8120)

1- JD Guidance System w/Brown Box, came off 8320


1- JD 7455 8R40 Cotton Stripper, Serial no.: N07455X004196,

Burr Extractor, Vane Packer, Blower Hours: 3289, Engine Hours: 3641,

Good Stripper



3- JD 484 4 Row Cotton Strippers, Yellow Cab, Running



1- Bush Hog Module Builder


1- CMC Module Builder, Model: 3273    Serial No.: B1223, PTO Pump, Decent


1- John Blue Module Builder, Updated Single Wheel Transport, Good Shape

1- Yellow Single Dump Boll Buggy, T/A Tires


1- 24 Module Tarps


1- JD 1700 8R40 ME+ Planter, JD Cons. Disc, Angled Closing Wheels,

PP E-Set Meters, Nice, Shedded

1- JD 1700 8R40 3pt Planter, serial no.: R695154, Vac, 1x10 Drags

w/Press Wheels, JD Cons. Disc, Reg. Dn. Pressure Springs,

10 1x3 Shanks & Clamps, Cover

1- JD 8R40 1700 Rigid Planter w/ME+, Serial no.: R675354, JD Cons Disc,

1x10 PW w/Drags, Vac, Good


1-JD 8R40 1700 Planter w/Me+ Units, JD Cons Disc, 1 x 10PW W/Drags,

1.6 Bu Plastic Boxes, 150 Monitor, Shanks, Clamps, Good


1- JD 16R40 7300 ME2 Planter on Orthman Vertical Folding Bar w/Lift Assist Wheels, JD Cons Disc, 1x10 PW w/Drags, Vac, 250 Monitor, Good Shape

1- JD 16R40 7300 Folding Planter w/ME2 Units, Non JD Vertical

Fold Toolbar, Vac, Schagel Closing Wheels, JD Cons Disc, 1.6 Bu

Plastic Boxes, Timic Boxes, Triple Transmission


1- JD 7300 8R40 3pt Planter, serial no.: A110127, Vac, Schagel

closing wheels, Yetter Conservation Discs w/Coulters, Springs,

1.6 BU Plastic Boxes, Timic Boxes

1- JD 8R36 7300 Folding Planter w/ME2 Units, ser. B201314,

JD Cons Disc, Vac, 1x10 PW w Drags


1- JD 7300 8R36 ME2 Planter Units, Non-JD Folding Bar,

JD Conservation Disc

1- JD 8R36 7300 ME2 Planter, Plastic 1.6 Boxes, Decent

9-JD Flex 71 Planter Units on Hamby Triple Bar, GW

1- JD 7300 12R36 Plateless Planter on non-factory Folding Toolbar,

1.6 Plastic Boxes, Angled Closing Wheels


1- JD “60” 10R36 Skip Planter, Metal Boxes, 4.5x7.5 Front

w/ 2 ¼ Diamond Bar

1- 9 Row 36 Folding 4x7F w/4x4R Bar w/6 JD Flex 71 Planters


1- Tye 27’ 3pt Series V, 8” Spacing, Serial No.: H8-1361-8-V,

Double Disc, 2x13 Press Wheels, Markers, Nice


1- JD 8300 EWD, DT Grain Drill, Single Disc, Cyl & Hoses,

Serial No.: 030779N, 10” Spacing, Drag Chains


1- JD 8200 DT 13’ EWD Grain Drill, Serial No.:X064183, Single Disc, 10” Spacing, Chains, Very Clean Bar


1- JD 13’ EWD Grain Drill, Serial No.: D16100002012M, 8” Spacing,

Single Disc, Drag Chains, Cylinder & Hoses

1- MF 10R40 Skip Buster Planter, Metal Boxes, 4.5x7.5 bar

1- MF Planter 4.5x7.5 Bar – for parts only

8 -Tye Bed Planter Units, Dbl Disc, Fits 4x4 Bar

1- KBH ST250 Seed Tender, Very Nice



2- SS 16R 36” Folding Single Reel Stalkcutter, 7x7 Front Bar,

4x4 Rear Bar, 6 Bladed Reels, GW, Very Nice


1-SS 8R40 Double Reel Stalkcutter, DBL 7 x 7 Bar w/4 x 4 on Rear,

Late Model, Nice


1- SS 8R36 Dbl Reel Stalkcutter, I Beam w/rear 4x4 Toolbar

1- SS 8R40 Dbl Reel Stalkcutter w/rear 4x4 bar & Clamps, I Beam,

Gangs Adj, Good


1- 8R40 Stalkcutter on I Beam Frame

1- 8R40 Stalkcutter on I Beam Frame, Covered, Rear 4x4 Bar

1- SS 8R40 Dbl Reel Stalkcutter, I Beam, Covered, Rear 4x4 Bar


1- SS 8R40 Bolt on Stalkcutter on 4.5 x 7.5 Toolbar

1- SS 6R48 Double Reel Stalkcutter, I Beam

1- S/M 8R36 Folding Stalkcutter w/6 Stalkcutter units

1- JD 886 8R40 Cultivator, w/Shields & Barr Off Disc, Shedded


1- Lorenz 9R40 Cultivator, Hoeme Shanks, Shields, Barr Off Disc, Good


1- BB 17R40 Folding Lister on Dbl 4x7 Bar, w/BB Hi -Clearance Beams,

2pr. GW, Coulters                   


1- IHC 17R40 Folding Lister on 6x8 Bar, w/IHC Beams, 4 pr GW, Coulters



1- JD 9R40 Rigid Hi-Clearance Lister on 4.5 x 7.5 Bar, GW, Coulters

1- JD 9R40 Lister on Folding 5x7 Bar, Hi-Clearance Lister Beams, GW


1- SS 9R40 Lister w/1x4 HD Shanks

1- 9R40 Lister on Rigid 4.5x7.5 Bar, JD Lister Beams, 1 pr. Coulters,

2 pr GW


1- 9R40 Lister on 4.5 x 7.5 Orange Bar w/Headmast, IHC Beams,

GW, Coulters

1- 9R40 Folding Lister, w/Diamond Lister Beams, 2 pr GW

1- 9R36 4.5 x 7.5 Lister, IHC Beams, SS Markers, GW, Coulters

1- BB 9R36 DTB Disc Lister, BB Markers, GW, Coulters

1- 11R36 Folding Rodweeder, DTB, 2 pr GW

1- SS 11R40 Rodweeder, 4.5 x 7.5 x 30 Toolbar, GW, End Drive Rodweeder


1- 9R40 Hamby 3pt Rodweeder, Triple Bar, End Drive Rodweeder,

GW, Good

1-9R40 Rodweeder on 4 .5 x 7.5 Toolbar


1- SS 9R40 Rodweeder on 4x7 Toolbar, No Motor or Rod

1- 17R40 Folding Pitch Out Rig, Single 7x7 Toolbar, 1x3 Shanks,

2 pr. GW


2- P&D 9R36 Folding Knifing Slide w/RW Cutouts, DTB, GW

1- SS 8R40 Crop Slide w/Shanks & Clamps, Nice

1- SS Crop Slide 8R40, DTB 4x4, GW


1- P&D 8R36 Crop Slide, Rigid

1- SS 8R40 Crop Knifer, DTB 4x4, RW Cutouts, GW, Nice

1- 16R40 Folding DTB w/RAC Scratcher Units on 1x3 Shank,

2pr GW, Coulters


1- 8R40 Rigid DTB w/RAC Scratcher Units on 1x3 Shank, GW,

Transport Kit

1- SS 8R40 4x4 DTB, GW, 6 SS Scratchers


1- Yetter 3554 3pt 54’ Rotary Hoe, Serial No.: M03841, Later Style,

GW, Nice


1- JD 400 3pt 54’ Rotary Hoe, 2 pr GW, Decent


1- Yetter 41’ 3pt Rotary Hoe on PW Flat Fold Toolbar

1- JD 400 3pt, 30’ Rotary Hoe, Complete


1- JD 400 30’ 3pt Rotary Hoe, Complete

1- SS 28’ 3pt Rotary Hoe


1- M&W 28’ 3pt Rotary Hoe, Good


1- SS 3pt 54’ Sandfighter, 2x2 Tubing, Buster Style w/Teeth Cut Out,

Pipe & Shaft

1- SS 19R40 New Style 3pt Overfold Sandfighter, serial no.: TZOF1834

Very Nice


1- SS 19R36 Sandfighter, Double Fold, 2x4 Frame, Bearings

1- SS 17R40 Dbl Fold 7x7 3pt Sandfighter, Serial No.: 551, Decent


1- SS 17R40 3pt Sandfighter, Dbl 2x4 Frame Double Fold, Bearings

1- SS 54’ 3pt 2x4 Sandfighter, P&S, Buster Planted

1- Jowers 19R40 3pt Sandfighter, Pipe and Shaft, Good Shape


1-  SS 13R36 3pt Sandfighter, Flat Fold, Like New


1- 9R40 Bolt On Sandfighter, 3pt, 4x4 Toolbar


1- JD 995 6Btm Switchplow, P00995X005680 w/Sterling Gooseneck Packer, Nice



1- JD 995 6 Btm Switch Plow, serial no.: P00995X001025, Plastic Wings,



1- Baker 5SIFHDSB  , serial no.: 9212044,  HD 5 Btm Switch Plow, Decent


1-. Harrel 2805 5 Btm In Furrow Switch Plow w/tailwheel, HD Frame, Good Condition.

1- Long 1838 5 Btm Switch Plow, serial no.: 1258


1- Baker 4SIFHD 4 Disc Plow, HD, w/Packer Hitch

1- JD 955 9 Shank Inter Row Ripper, Serial no.: R000303, Nice


1- JD 900 13 Shank Ripper, Good Shanks, Dual GW, Serial no.: F011011


1- BB 13 Shank Mega Till Ripper on 20’ DTB, GW


1- Big Ox 9 Shank Ripper Plow w/2 pr GW


1-  SS 7 Shank V Ripper w/GW

1- Hamby 6R40 Triple Bar w/6 1x3 & 5 Inter Row Ripper Shanks


1- Flex King 5 Shank 6’ Sweep DT Plow, Trash Coulters, HF Rotary Treaders, Excellent Blades, Very Nice


1- Hamby 9 Shank 3 pt Ripper Plow, Triple Bar, GW

1- Krause 4336A DT 36’ Chisel Plow, Serial no. 1051, Springloaded Clamps,

1 ¼ Shanks, Walking Tandem GW, Excellent Condition


1- Hamby 15 Shank 3pt Hoeme Plow, Triple Bar, 1 ¼ Shanks


1-SS 21 Shank Triple Bar Rigid Hoeme Plow w/SS Packer, 1 1/2 Shanks w/Points, Late Model, Very Nice


1- Hamby 15 Shank, 2 Bar, 3pt Rigid Hoeme Plow

1- BB 15 Shank 3pt Rigid Hoeme Plow w/Packer, HD Shanks

1- JD 4200 4 Btm 18” Rollover Breaking Plow, serial no.: X000033, Plastic Wings, Land wheel, Good


1- JD 8 Btm 2350-2450 On Land Semimount Plow, Trash Wings, Nice


1- JD 8 Btm On Land   Semimount Plow, Plastic Wings, Decent


1- JD 5 Btm 16” Semimount Breaking Plow

1- Oliver 6 Btm 18” Semimount Breaking Plow

1- Oliver 6 Btm 18” Semimount Breaking Plow

1- Oliver 6 Btm 16” Semimount Breaking Plow

1- Oliver 508 6 Btm 18” Semimount Breaking Plow, Plastic Wings, Updated Hitch

1- Krause 4991W 31’10” DT Tandem Disc, serial no.: 2144, Rockflex, Good


1- Krause 3991 29’ DT Tandem Disc, Scrapers, Serial 1173


1- Krause 411 12’ DT Tandem Disc, Spent over $6,000.00 on Oct 2016 rebuilding the tandem.  Replaced Disc, Bearings, Scrapers, etc.  You won’t find a nicer one.

1- 3pt 12’ Tandem Disc, Med Duty


1- JD 355 12’ DT Offset Disc, Serial No.: 010403A, No Welds, Scrapers,

21” – 22” Disc Blades

1- 15’ DT Offset Disc, Good Blades, HD

1- Wilbeck 14’ DT Offset Disc

1-IHC 610 14' DT Offset Disc, Scrapers, 19.5 F & 21" R Blades, Good


1-Krause 20 Disc One Way

1- Krause 5630-36 36’ DT Field Cultivator, Serial No.: 1466, K-Tines,

Mini Draft Shanks, Sweeps, Walking Tandems, Excellent



1- Krause 5630 36’ DT Field Cultivator w/RearIincorp

1- Krause 4200 50’ 5 Section DT Field Cultivator

1- JD 980 32’6” DT Field Cultivator

1- Kent 30’ DT Springtooth, Yellow

1- Kent 30’ DT Springtooth, Yellow w/4x16 Cylinder, Shanks are Good


1- Noble 60’ DT Fold-up Springtooth


1- Noble 60’ DT Fold-up Springtooth, Good


1-Noble 36’ DT Springtooth, Shanks, Good

1- Kent 32’ DT Springtooth, Yellow, 4x16 Cyl & Hoses


1- S/M DT Packer Wheels, 6 Tires, Springtooth Bar Attached


1- Miskis Beamus 16’ DT Land Plane

1- RAC Dbl Bar Springloaded Incorpators


1- 2011 Woods S27CD 3pt Flail Shredder, 1 ¾ 1000 D/L, Good


1- Rhino Batwing Shredder


1-Rhino SE5 3pt Shredder, Serial No.: 15149   ,540 PTO, Shear Bolt,

Tailwheel Good Shape


1- Bushhog 3pt, 3414 Shredder, serial no.: 12-1475, 1 ¾ 1000 PTO, HD,

Very Nice


1- Bushhog 14’ DT Shredder, 540 PTO


1- Bushhog  14’ DT Shredder, 540 PTO

1- Rhino G1310 14’ DT Shredder, serial no.: 005956, 540 PTO, Solid Looking

1- Servis G60 2 Row DT Shredder, 540 PTO, Slip Clutch


1- Servis G60 DT Shredder, 540 PTO


1- Servis DT Skip Row Shredder w/ 3 2 Row Shedders, Shear Pin


1- Caldwell 14’ DT Rigid Shredder, 540 PTO


1- JD 469 Hay Baler, Mega Wide Plus, Cover, Approx 1800 Bales,

Cover Edge, Shedded, 1 3/8 1000 PTO, Excellent

1- 2013 Sitrex QR12G Hay Rake, 12 Wheel DT Hayrake, Green, Very Nice


1- Westfield 8051 8” x 51’ PTO Driven Auger on Wheels


1- 12V Drill Fill Auger (was used with IHC Grain Truck)

1- Lee DT Single Rd. Bale Hauler Trailer, Hand Crank, Like New

1- Single Rd Bale Carrier w/Crank

1- Rd Single Bale Carrier


1-2007 4455 Spray Coupe, 60’ Booms, 1380 Hrs., Clean

1- Blu-Jet AT4610 17R36 DT Fertilizer Rig, 1700 Gal Cone Btm Tank,

John Blue Pump, Liquid Injection Fert Coulters, Tractor Tires, Will go to 40”, Very Nice

1- Blu-Jet AT3000 12R40  Fert Rig, Serial No.: 012488, 1000 Gal Tank,

John Blue Pump, very Good Shape


1- Hamby 9R40 Fertilizer Rig, 28’ DTB w/Fertilizer Knives,

Rear Trailer Hitch, Flow Divider, Very Nice

1- 9R36 Folding DTB Fert Rig, 4 SS Coulter Units, John Blue Fert Pump

8- Fertilizer Coulters on Bar


1- 31’ 3pt Spray Boom

1-SS 90" 3 Pt. Spray Boom

1- Bowman 8R Rope Wick, Built 2 Years Ago, Run 1 Year, Good

1- Wylie 3pt 8R Sponge Weeder w/Tank & Pump

1- Redball 12R40 3pt 420 Folding Hooded Sprayer, No Tank


1- Redball 420 9R40 Hooded Sprayer, 4x4 Bar

2- 1600 Gal. Nurse Trailer on Truck Chassis with B&S 5.5 HP & Pump, w/Inductor Tanks


1- 1025 Gal DT Nurse Trailer w/New Tank, New B&S 5.5 HP Motor &

Pump & New Plumbing

1- 1000 Gal Nurse Trailer w/6 HP Engine & Pump, Inductor Tank, T/A


1-Wylie 1000 Gallon Nurse Trailer on T/A, Honda 5.5 Engine w/Pump,

Inductor Tank

1- 1000 Gal Nurse Trailer, T/A, Springs, B&S 5.5 Engine & Pump,

Inductor Tank, Quickfill


1-1000 Gal Nurse Trailer on Chassis w/3.5 B&S Motor & Pump


1- 1000-Gal Nurse Trailer on 5th Wheel Chassis, Like New Tank and Honda 160cc Engine and Pacer Pump, Quick Fill

1- 1000 Gal. Nurse Trailer Chassis, T/A, Springs

1- 500 Gal Nurse Trailer Chassis

1- Wylie 1000 Gal. Fertilizer Tank w/John Blue Drive Pump, Nice


1- 500-Gal Nurse Trailer, T/A, Metal Tank, 5.5 Motor & Pump

1- Humphrey 3 Seater Spot Sprayer w/Trailer, Unit Doesn’t Run


1-. Lee DT475 Diesel Trailer, Yellow, 15 GPM Pump, Serial no.: 049109, Nice


1- 2011 Lee DT475 Diesel Trailer, Grey, 15 GPM Pump, Serial no.: 4LCDT06SXB1000415, Very Nice

1- 2010 Lee DT475 Diesel Trailer, 15 GPM Pump, Serial No.: 4LCD610SA8A1000336

4- 500 Gal Diesel Trailer w/Pump

1- 500 Gal. Diesel Trailer on S/M Chassis w/Pump

2- White Diesel Trailers w/Pump, Appr 600 Gal

1- 1987 Hi Tensil Eager Beaver Gooseneck Trailer,

VIN #:112GHD227JA090002,  GVW: 22550 lbs, Dual T/A, Metal Deck,

Elect Winch, 8’ x 24’, Ramps

1- Horse Trailer 5x16’ Open Top, T/A, Wood Floor, No Title


1- Horse Trailer, T/A, 5x12’, Wood Floor, Open Top, Decent

1-  Cotton Trailer w/Metal Deck

1- Cotton Trailer w/Metal Deck

1- DT Butane Tank on Wheels

1- Flatbed Cotton Trailer w/Metal Deck

2- Cotton Trailer w/Metal Bed, No Sides


1- SS 17R40 Dbl Fold Dbl 4x7 Toolbar w/3 pr. Dual GW, 1 pr. Coulters


1- 2006 BB S956 12R40 Over Fold Dbl 4x7 Toolbar w/2 pr. GW


1- 12R40 7x7 Folding Toolbar

1- RAC Toolbar, 30’ 4x7 w/Headmast & Hitch, Excellent

1- BB 28’ Folding Toolbar w/2 pr GW

1- Hamby Toolbar, 27’ Triple 4x4 Toolbar, No Hitch


1- RAC 4x4x28’, 3pt Double Toolbar, Hitch


1- Toolbar 4.5 x 7.5 x 29’, Hitch, GW, Rear Diamond Bar, Clamps

1- Toolbar, 4x4x36’ Folding DTB, Hitch, 2 pr GW, Coulters, Shanks, Clamps


1- Toolbar, 4x4x36’ Rigid DTB, Hitch, Overfold Markers, 3 pr GW, Shanks, Clamps


1- Toolbar 4.5x7.5x36’ Rigid, Rear Diamond Bar, Shanks, Clamps,

2 pr GW, 1 pr Coulters

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